a bit about me

I make stuff. I like to think as hard as I can about what I would like to see in the world, and then make that happen. This usually requires a mixture of aesthetic and technological tactics, and it means I’m always learning something. I studied video/new media art at Harvard and received my Master’s at the MIT Media Lab. At MIT I worked in the Hyperinstruments group on locative media art, performance robotics, rapid prototyping, interface design, and all the other topics you’d expect at a place like that.

In the last decade I’ve had a lot of fun and interesting gigs – working with Björk as an instrument designer, building a Fab Lab at a NASA facility, running product strategy at Temboo, designing live performance video with Jay Scheib, and making critically-focused experience prototypes at the New York Times R&D Lab (where I am now, and love it!).

If you would like to get in touch, please send me a message to AKA [at] [this domain name]. I am currently working full-time, but would be happy to talk about after-work collabs.


  • I use pinboard, flickr, twitter, github, tumblr, youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, and more services that I have forgotten about.
  • I built CNC machines and do other experimental fabrication on the side. Since 2014 I’ve been turning bowls out of reclaimed wood on my mini-lathe.
  • I try to keep up my writing with a little semi-autobiographical blog.
  • I brew beer, I love dogs, and I married Harlo. I love her the most.
  • I feel like I am very good at pool and poker, but the feeling is wrong: I am not good at those.
  • I live in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Before Brooklyn, I lived in Massachusetts; before that, New Hampshire; before that, South Florida; before that, Canada; before that, England; before that, Ecuador; before that, Ohio; before that, Illinois; before that, I was still dead.